Lapsus Laboratory is an educational program created to incite interest and passion for experiments in art and technology. In the lab we explore tools like 3D printers, Arduino devices, virtual reality mediums and electronic circuitry design. We organize editions of public workshops each summer-autumn period with the support of the Științescu Fund in Timișoara (each year it’s a bit different but always interesting). The program is directed towards children of ages from 8 to 18.

Lapsus Laboratory 1.0

In 2018 we launched the first versions of our arts and science workshops here in Lapsus. We used virtual reality 3D modelling using Medium to create sculptures together with pupils from the local art high school and then we 3D printed them, demonstrating digital crafting processes. Since then, our laboratory grew with two other editions in 2019 and 2020 during which we tinkered together with children of ages from 8 to 18.

Our activities included: 3D printing, sensor programming with Arduino, laser cutting, 3D modelling and drawing. This educational program was a step away from the classic art gallery model towards the makerspace. This fusion produces more interesting results through collaborative practice and more direct public interaction and engagement.

Check out our EduKit, we think this is our most valuable invention which can combine Arduino programming, electronics, user interaction and 3D printing for kids to play and learn with.

Lapsus Laboratory 2.0

In 2019 we had our second edition of the laboratory. We had twice a week Open Labs for kids and their parents to visit and play with electronics and 3D printers in our small labs. After that, we organized two summer city-camps for groups of children, we had a lot of fun and we experimented together in the lab and the converted art gallery space. The project we worked on specifically was called RoSe (Robot Sensibil) which was an assemblage made of sensors imitating the 5 human senses. Here’s a photo of the result!