Mission & History

A short history and introduction to our space in Timișoara.

Our History

Lapsus is an independent artist-run space and art laboratory dedicated to supporting interdisciplinary research and collective projects in Timișoara. Our spaces are situated in the old paint factory “AZUR” on Peneș Curcanul street.

Lapsus is a space in a continuous state of arriving, a laboratory experimenting on itself. Here we have about 30 square meters for screenings, exhibitions, demolitions, inventions, bike races, failures, nights, meetings, 3D printing, networking, cut-and-pasting, eating, role-playing, trophy collecting, quitting before we start, fighting, learning, reading and plotting (but sometimes nothing is still the best thing you can do).

Lapsus is a laboratory for collective projects founded in 2017 by Alex Boca and functions based on collaborations, past and future, with many artists, organisations and spaces from Timișoara and from abroad.